Jun 29 • 5M

(PREVIEW) Ep. 111: Elon's Hard Drive Obsession ft. Matt & Jeremy of Hard Drive

The Hard Drive guys join us to talk about Elon's weird obsession with Hard Drive & their content.

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Covering the apocalypse from the left.
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Jeremy Kaplowitz and Matt Saincome of Hard Drive join us on today’s episode to talk about Elon Musk’s weird obsession with their content. We get into how their feud started, his repeated ~meme theft~ without credit, and explore Elon’s many promises to revolutionize various aspects of society that, weirdly, never materialize. We also put out an open call for Elon to come on the show to respond to the meme theft allegations and answer the gamer question.

You can see Elon’s obsession with Hard Drive here:

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